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Renovations to 67 South Street started May 2013-ongoing….
Issues that were addressed are as follows:

Carriage House-2,800 sq. ft. (The Westside roof and wall were saggy and the structure was at risk for additional failures, the West side was raised up and rebuilt).
-New Pressure treated framing and sheathing was installed to replace all deteriorated areas, including new pressure treated support timber. Replacement siding was milled from preservative treated lumber.
-The front door was rotted and replaced with another historically appropriate wood & glass door.
-Repaired large sliding barn door on the South wall
-Broken glass on many windows were repaired or replaced
-Note, that extensive earth removal was undertaken on the West side to allow for work to be completed and to provide drainage away from the structure. Along with earth removal there were many black walnut trees that were pruned back and some removed to protect the roof.
Two of the trees were hanging over the carriage house onto the roof along with 5 others along the driveway that were removed because they were impeding the drainage to and from the house.
Repaired the water lines in the Carriage house which houses a full bathroom.
Installed new gutter system with seamless gutters front and back of the carriage house to drain water away from the structure.
The stained chimney was cleaned, sealed and painted.
The gathering room (cigar room is what I call it) was repaired, the petition had water damage which was repaired with cement board at bottom.
The electric has been updated including new track lighting and light fixtures

Main House-8,800 sq. ft.
7 Fireplaces
8 bathrooms-2 half , six full
Mud room, new electric added along with new plumbing for the washer and dryer
Carriage House ½ bath, ½ -bath in Basement,
First floor-Two ½ quests bathrooms,
Second floor-4 Full baths (2 rain walk in showers) (2 cast iron bathtubs)
Third floor-1 full bath with a 6ft footer cast iron soaker
8 bedrooms
Linen room
2 kitchens – ice maker, stainless steel appliances, Professional series appliances
2 laundries-First and second floor
Double parlor
Salon with cork flooring
Dining room
Ballroom -3rd floor

Repairs to the Exterior house are as follows:

Repaired and replaced of existing gutter system on the main house, carport and front porch.
-Joints and seams throughout the integrated copper gutter system were leaking causing deterioration to the wooden soffit. We hired a sheet metal architect to solder joints and seams to copper gutters, copper crickets, and copper down spouts. New solder composition to match the existing.
-Replaced, repaired, and restored wood floor to 600 sq. ft. front porch and side porch

Repairs to existing flashing and new rubber membrane roof.
-The western side of the roof was deteriorated and required a replacement roof
-A rubber membrane roof was applied and repairs along the dormers. The internal gutters are maintained.

Repair of exterior soffits and eaves; painting.
-Defective integral gutter system has cause severe deterioration in the residential soffit and eaves. Wood had rotted and paint peeling throughout. The soffits and eaves were repaired with original wood species (white oak).
-Painted with four colors to highlight existing features. Removed perforated vinyl, screen from entire house and replaced with new screening for attic ventilation.
Three Historic outdoor colors applied, which brought out the beautiful details of the Inn
-Custom millwork in white oak to replicate crown molding along with matching beaded oak to
Restore overhangs to original.

Front entrance
Main entrance custom wrought iron hand rails designed and installed for the formal front steps
Front and side porch wood floors were repaired and refinished.

Extended privacy fence on South property line with treated lumber and painted

Replaced North driveway blacktop from sidewalk to Portico

-Electrical system throughout building required grounding and updating now meets code. City of Auburn Licensed electrician installed new wiring from the basement to the third floor, including a 400 amp service in the basement and added a new entrance service in the basement from 160amp to 400 amp service. A sub panel was added on the third floor in the bathroom.
GFR electric outlets and vented fan was installed on third floor in the bathroom to meet code
Installed all new wiring & lighting, wall sconces, wall lighting, chandeliers from the basement to the third floor
Added and replaced lighting on the main and back stairwells
Four quests bathrooms were gutted, drop ceilings came down and rewired
All three quest baths have personal electric towel warmers
Safety motion lights installed along the driveway and the carriage house
Up lighting along entrance walk and front of the house
Electrical switches and boxes were added on the front porch
Cast iron main front porch light added along with four others on the inside of the porch
Electric service to seven fireplaces

Licensed plumber evaluated existing galvanized pipes and installed copper lines, washer and dryer hook ups on the first and second floor
Plumbing for vent stacks
Plumbing installed on first floor existing ½ bath and a new additional ½ bath
Removal of old existing plumbing throughout the house installed copper
Inspection and maintenance of boiler maintained each year
Replaced water and sewer lines with copper and PVC respectively
Replaced broken radiator thermostats from the basement to the third floor
Repaired and Replaced 9 steam radiators and refinished 3 on the second floor.
Repairs to domestic hot water heater
Added two new gas hot water heaters along with an 80 and 60 gallon water heater in quest room along with a 50 gallon electric to guest room.
All new Plumbing fixtures for first floor powder room and a new bathroom, first and second floor, laundry room, second floor servant’s bathrooms and third floor bathroom
Main Kitchen plumbing was replaced, dishwasher added
Butler kitchen was gutted, install new plumbing, cabinets, appliances, tile backdrop, lighting and flooring.

The sprinkler system was added on all 3 floors.
Second sump pump was added in the basement
Floor drain added below bunker

Replaced broken and rotted pipes
-wiring upgraded
-basement windows repaired, replaced and painted.
-broken return lines to the boiler repaired.
Storm drain installed
Ceilings covered and electrical boxes covered and contained
Removed mold throughout the basement

Repaired and painted in three historic colors
Indoor, outdoor rug installed
Ceiling fan and light installed

Installation of Central fire alarm system to basement, first, second, and third floor
Basement Area
-Wireless smoke detectors installed, main stairwell and back stairs on each floor
-Wireless heat sensors furnace…common areas
-Hardwired pull box by fire alarm control panels
128 Point alarm control panel
Alpha/numeric keypad (North entry).
Alpha/numeric keypad (third floor)
Wireless receivers to the third floor access place and basement.
Driveway alert monitor

First floor
Smoke Detectors-Central Alarm Station –North Parlor, office, dining room, library, East hall, North entry foyer and laundry room.
Pull boxes in the North and East entries
Horn strobe in hallway and butlers kitchen.
Wireless heat sensors in butler’s kitchen and main kitchen.
Transmitters (Pull Stations)

Second Floor
Wireless smoke detectors in hallways and stairwell landing
Carbon monoxide detectors in the East and West Hall
Horn Strobe and pull station by
the stair well

Third Floor
Wireless smoke detectors top of East stairs, bedroom, office, family room, and top of West stairs
Horn strobes in hallway
Wireless carbon monoxide detector in hallway
128 Point alarm control panel
Back up battery
Alpha /numeric keypad (North side entry)
Alpha/numeric keypad (third floor)
Wireless receivers’ first to the third floor access place, and basement.

Sprinkler System
Ceiling heights in house are too tall for fire escape ladders on second and third floor.
Installation of fire suppression system was initiated
Following NYS building code; a sprinkler system was installed in main and rear stairwells while minimizing disturbance in historic walls

Interior renovations
Professional repair of damage to the original plaster and lath walls and ceilings, main stairwell to third floor, family room, bedrooms and bathrooms including the servant’s quarters, all hallways
The Ballroom walls and ceilings were repaired and painted
First floor original plaster and lathe walls were repaired, plastered, wallpapered, and painted, which included the ballroom, library, butlers kitchen, main kitchen, backstairs well, great hall entrance (barrel ceiling) , and foyer.
Main kitchen cabinets sanded and painted
First floor powder room is new & main bathroom was totally renovated
Carpets replaced on first floor to main hallway up the stairs to the second floor main hallway (there are gorgeous hardwood floors underneath the carpet)
Second floor servant quarters bathroom was completely renovated
Large East lake mirror was restored on Second floor in the Woodruff quest room
Repaired cracked and broken windows, replaced.
Scraped and painted first floor mud room, pantry
Installed locks and key turn locks to nine doors, (keeping all the original wooden door knobs and mechanisms.
First floor library and dining room floors sanded and repaired
Stainless steel grab bars installed onto back stairwells from first floor to the third and basement stairs.
All pocket doors were repaired on the first floor and in perfect working order.
Three quest rooms on second floor completely renovated, took down all drop ceilings in bathrooms, replaced with new cast iron, porcelain toilets, showers and bathtubs. No modern material like resin or fiberglass was used.
Plumbing in the bathrooms replaced galvanized pipe with copper and PVC replacements
All original wood moldings and shutters were saved, repaired and restored
All bathrooms and showers have stainless steel safety bars with grips
Third floor office walls and ceiling were repaired and painted. A linoleum floor was put down onto plywood.

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